Laser welding

    Metals and plastics can be welded with means of laser radiation. We can select a proper technology for welding thin and thick-walled elements. It is possible to control the obtained weld in real time, by using appropriate vision systems.

    Examples where laser welding works great:

    • connecting vehicle body elements

    • connecting electric car components
    • connecting battery cells

    • welding heat exchangers

    • padding

    Advantages of laser welding:

    • precision and repeatability

    • easily controllable

    • environmentally friendly
    • quiet
    • low maintenance costs

    We provide laser welding systems precisely tailored to a specific application. We are integrators of industrial machines. Thanks to the advantageous design, our systems are easily integrated with industrial machines.

    We offer devices on the basis of our standardized machine platforms or we make them according to the customer’s standards. A wide range of assembly and control solutions is implemented in our machines, always bearing in mind the optimization of the technological process and economic viability. We are able to ensure product traceability with means of appropriate systems. The type of product transport system between individual machines is adjusted to the requirements of a specific production line.