Laser cutting

    A variety of materials can be cut with the laser, e.g. metals, plastics and glass. When the technology and cutting parameters are appropriately selected, it is possible to obtain an edge without any burrs and requiring no further processing. Cutting and notching can be used for both flat elements and closed profiles. In case of such a demand, our cutters can be delivered in the form of a unit installable in an industrial machine – they do not have to be a separate, free-standing device. Thanks to this, your space is saved in the production hall and the flow of cut elements between the cutter and the next technological process is simplified.

    Examples where laser welding works great:

    • cutting out elements of a variable shape in low-volume production
    • precise cutting in closed profiles
    • cutting out stickers and protective films

    Advantages of laser cutting:

    • precision and repeatability 

    • the possibility of using a variety of materials

    • no wearing out tools during operation

    • no contact
    • environmentally friendly

    • quiet
    • low maintenance costs

    We offer devices on the basis of our standardized machine platforms or we make them according to the customer’s standards. A wide range of assembly and control solutions is implemented in our machines, always bearing in mind the optimization of the technological process and economic viability. We are able to ensure product traceability with means of appropriate systems. The type of product transport system between individual machines is adjusted to the requirements of a specific production line.