Laser cleaning (laser ablation)

    The laser cleaning process (laser ablation) consists in evaporating the layer of material that must be removed from the surface of the solid body. This layer can be, for example, contamination, corrosion or paint coating. The vast majority of the energy within the laser beam is absorbed by the removed layer, thanks to which the substrate remains intact. Therefore, you may selectively remove a varnish coat from galvanized elements without damaging the zinc layer and without deteriorating anti-corrosion properties.

    Examples where laser cleaning works great:

    • removing dirt and rust
    • cleaning the welds
    • removing portions of paint coatings from electric car components
    • cleaning various types of casting moulds
    • surface preparation before welding, soldering and gluing
    • texturing
 – giving a specific micro-structure to the material surface, e.g. to increase the friction coefficient
    • cleaning building façades

    Advantages of laser cleaning:

    • selective operation
- removal of the material in the desired place, without damaging the substrate
    • no post-processing 
- the cleaned surface is immediately ready for subsequent technological operations
    • precision and repeatability

    • no physical contact with the cleaned surface
- it is neither damaged, nor soiled
    • cleanliness
- the removed layer is evaporated and removed by the ventilation system
    • environmentally friendly operation
    • quiet
    • low maintenance costs

    We provide laser cleaning systems precisely tailored to a specific application. We are integrators of industrial machines. Thanks to the advantageous design of our systems, they are easily integrated with industrial machines.

    We offer devices on the basis of our standardized machine platforms or we make them according to the customer’s standards. A wide range of assembly and control solutions is implemented in our machines, always bearing in mind the optimization of the technological process and economic viability. We are able to ensure product traceability with means of appropriate systems. The type of product transport system between individual machines is adjusted to the requirements of a specific production line.