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    Design and construction of industrial machines.
    Automation of production processes.



    It happens that machining tools and machining technology are required for manufacturing the defective or worn-out industrial machine components, and keeping the whole machine park for such solutions is simply not profitable. In order to support our customers in such situations, we have significantly expanded our network of suppliers. Thanks to this, we are able to provide high-quality elements that meet strict geometric requirements, which are manufactured in an unusual manner or with the use of unconventional surface treatment methods. We focus mainly on delivering small-lot parts.

    In the case of details provided by us, we use the following processing methods:

    • water jet or laser cutting
    • turning – conventional or CNC
    • milling – conventional or CNC
    • EDM and WEDM
    • grinding of surfaces, shafts and holes – conventional or CNC

    We use thermal and surface treatment processes:

    • oxidation
    • galvanizing
    • nickel plating
    • powder or spray coating
    • conventional and hard anodizing
    • aluminium staining
    • tampering
    • nitriding
    • titanizing
    • tefloning