Drafteam Brochure

    Design and construction of industrial machines.
    Automation of production processes.


    Construction of machines

    We provide comprehensive services in the field of construction of machines. We are able to provide solutions to various industries. We start projects with the development of a process automation concept and finish with the delivery of a working device ready to activate the production. The concept usually includes a visualization with a description of the machine operation and an analysis of the cycle time. We make both individual stands and entire technological lines. When the order is received, we create an order execution schedule that includes individual stages and the most important dates.

    We offer devices based on our standardized machine platforms or we adhere to the customer’s standards. We implement a wide range of assembly and control solutions with our machines, always bearing in mind the optimization of the technological process and economic viability. We are able to ensure product traceability with means of appropriate systems. The type of product transport system between individual machines is adjusted to the requirements of a specific production line.

    At the customer’s request, we can additionally equip our machines with i.e. the possibility of remote access and video monitoring, which make tracking, device operation analysis and quick problem solving much easier. These functionalities may be made available to the customer’s maintenance department.

    One of our expertise are Ex machines (compliant with the ATEX directive), which are widely used in many industries. Through appropriate design and technological solutions as well as compliance with the certification process, we ensure the safe use of our machines even in the most difficult conditions.

    Another important area of our activity are various types of laser processes. We design and build machines using fibre and CO2 technology. Our solutions are suitable for cleaning, cutting and laser engraving. We are one of the few manufacturers of laser cleaning systems in Poland.

    We design and manufacture machines with application of the latest technologies, in compliance with applicable directives and standards. We pay particular attention to the safe use of our products.