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    Design and construction of industrial machines.
    Automation of production processes.



    Currently, machines used in the territory of the European Union must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the legal requirements in force. Only a product that complies with these requirements can be CE marked and approved for use. It happens that the device does not have the CE mark because it was produced outside the European Union or because it lost its certificate as a result of reconstruction. In such cases, it is necessary to carry out the CE certification process, at the end of which the EC declaration of conformity is issued, commonly known as the CE certificate. In order to issue such a certificate, the conformity of the machine with the relevant directives and standards must be assessed. As a result of this assessment, it may be necessary to rebuild the device or equip it with some additional elements. When all corrections resulting from the conformity analysis are implemented, the CE mark may be granted. We support our clients throughout the certification process, where the client is the certifying party. We can also carry out the certification process ourselves and issue a declaration of conformity (CE certificate), as an independent party.