Why us?

– extensive experience with laser processes
– safe and easy to integrate solutions
– wide possibilities of adaptation to customer needs
– reliable and fast service support
– comprehensive range of services

As an integrator of industrial machines, we constantly face new challenges. Due to the global dynamic development in the field of e-mobility, there is a constant increase in market demand for industrial machines related to laser processing. We initially used in our machines laser systems available on the market. However, it quickly turned out that they often did not meet our requirements, because their integration was problematic, the control system was not adapted to solutions applicable in semi-automatic and automatic stations (it did not allow for the required safety level), there was virtually no chance of adapting such systems to our needs, and the manufacturer’s support did not meet our expectations. Therefore, we started working on our proprietary laser systems. We finished these works with success, and these systems can be offered to our customers. We mainly focus on automation solutions, but we also offer the solutions for manual operation. We are able to provide systems for cleaning, welding and cutting. We are able to adequately select the system components, in order to match the prices to budgets and financial capabilities of our customers. We build low, medium and high-power systems. Due to the fact that we are manufacturers of such systems, we can largely customise and adapt them to specific applications. Depending on the needs, we can change laser sources, cooling systems and laser heads. Laser heads can be manufactured for a specific industrial robot, therefore the overall mass of the head assembly can be reduced and a robot with a lower lifting capacity can be implemented, when compared to competing solutions. It generates real savings at the beginning of the project. When ordering an industrial machine with a laser system from us, a customer receives a comprehensive solution with full implementation of a particular process task, which is precisely matched to such task. All of this delivered by one supplier. If you search for solutions in the field of laser process automation, simply contact us. We will discuss the requirements, conduct the required tests and select the appropriate laser system, which will be subsequently integrated with a properly matched industrial machine, automating your process.

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