CO2 Lasers

Laser systems for cutting and engraving

Our offer includes machines using a CO2 laser. The devices can be used for cutting relatively thin plastic elements (foils, stickers), wood (plywood, balsa) and cardboard. It is also possible to engrave the surface of the mentioned materials.

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As standard, the device is equipped with a 2D plotter on which a laser head is mounted. The machine can be equipped with a movable work table, which will allow you to set the required height of the workpiece in relation to the head. On request, the device can be equipped with a work table with many production sockets, which will significantly affect the efficiency of the device.


Our machines are, among others used for cutting foil on pre-glued steel and aluminium products. The CO2 laser does not damage the steel or aluminium surface, so it is possible to pre-cover the element with foil, and then cut the required shape and tear off the excess foil.