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    Automation of production processes.


    Laser welding


    Laser welding of metals is a process that has long been used in various industries. As laser technology develops, the range of potential applications continuously grows. Depending on the needs, it is possible to make welds in conduction technology, deep penetration technology, or make point welding, so you may connect both thin and thick-walled elements. Our welding systems can be additionally equipped with a vision system that guarantees real-time control of the implemented weld.


    Laser welding of plastics is another area where laser technology is replacing other technologies that have been used so far. An example is joining the units made of components sensitive to vibrations, that disqualify the ultrasonic welding technology. Various types of materials can be laser welded, and those with a low content of glass fibres are the best. In order to select the appropriate welding technology and the most advantageous laser system, its potential application should be carefully analysed.

    Batteries / rechargeable batteries

    Laser welding of battery cells is predominant in the production of power sources in the broadly understood e-mobility industry. Thanks to precision, repeatability and a high level of process control, this technology is more and more often used by our customers. Laser welding can be used for both pocket and cylindrical cells. It can also be used for welding battery pack covers and busbars.

    Heat exchangers

    Laser welding of heat exchangers in conjunction with the use of industrial robots and automatic assembly stations has significantly accelerated the development of this industry. Laser welding can be used both for heat exchangers consisting of metal sheets and tubular elements. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we can provide our clients with ready-to-work solutions in the form of an automatic station with an implemented laser system.

    Copper hairpins

    Laser welding of electric motor hairpins is a technology that is increasingly used in modern industry, as a result of modernized design of motor windings. The use of laser technology in this process, with simultaneously ensured proper aligning of the welded elements, guarantees an incomparably faster rate of the process, in comparison to the technologies used so far. Welding is not the only laser process that can be used in modern motor windings – laser cleaning (ablation) is a perfect preparation method for hairpins, before the welding process. Both applications presented above can be realized with the use of laser systems and industrial machines produced by us.