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    Laser cleaning

    Paint stripping

    Selective removal of paint coating is particularly important and advantageous in the field of elements applicable in electric cars. It results from the need to obtain electrical conductivity, with simultaneously maintained anti-corrosion properties. If laser cleaning technology is used, you can remove the paint coating without damaging the anti-corrosion coating (e.g. zinc).

    Rust removal

    Laser rust removal is possible with means of laser systems provided by us. You may get rid of rust in quick and very accurate way, and the surface cleaned does not require any additional treatment before the next technological operations.

    Removal of impurities

    Laser removal of impurities is an excellent method of preparing a dirty or oily surface for subsequent technological processes, e.g. painting. The process is quick and accurate, and surfaces cleaned in this method do not require any additional treatment.

    Cleaning welds

    Laser cleaning of welds is a perfect solution in the automotive industry. When using our automated cleaning systems, you may carry out this type operations on elements with very complex shapes. Elements cleaned in this method do not require any additional treatment before painting.

    Surface preparation and texturing

    Laser preparation of a surface and texturing are excellent methods of processing parts, e.g. before gluing. A special micro-structure that facilitates the cleaning process can be given to the glued surfaces, in addition to thorough cleaning. Texturing can also be used to increase frictional forces in the case of press-fitting.

    Cleaning the injection and casting moulds

    Cleaning the injection and casting moulds is an area where laser cleaning technology is second to none. All contamination and process residues are removed without any contact, which ensures 100% protection of these expensive components.

    PCB processing

    Laser marking and cleaning of PCBs introduces completely new possibilities to existing production processes. By using laser cleaning, you can both get rid of unwanted contamination and properly prepare the surface for soldering.

    Cleaning building façades

    Laser cleaning of building façades is a fast, very efficient and, above all, safe method of removing contamination in both contemporary and historic buildings. For such applications, we provide our systems with special, modular structures.